Mulesing free merino wool

The wool we use is .MULESING FREE., that means that it is obtained with no cruelty to animals.  Since 2023 more than 90% of our wool is RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified.


This practice is aimed at preventing the wool from overgrowing the rear part of a sheep (near anus). This is performed to protect sheep against infections and myiasis. Myiasis is a condition where fly larvae develop between skin folds and is dangerous to sheep health (resulting even in death). To this aim, a stripe of skin is cut off from sheep buttocks along with wool, and the whole process is usually performed without any anaesthetic provided for the animal.

According to study, the pain felt by a sheep during mulesing can be compared to castration that would last as long as 48 hours! Shocking.

Once the skin is removed, a smooth scar is formed and flies have no place to lay their larvae. According to breeders – cheap and efficient. 

But as far as animal welfare is considered - horrible! At the very thought of it our only wish is to discard anything woollen just as it has been done with natural fur...




Mulesing most often concerns sheep and woollen yarn from Australia where there are still no rules that would regulate this procedure.

Thanks to numerous campaigns broadening awareness regarding mulesing, many farms breeding merino sheep have decided to abandon this cruel practice. There are other methods that protect sheep equally well, though they are more expensive. 

Manufacturers and companies such as ours (since starting our activity) rely on the declarations of breeders and enforce mulesing free certificates through statements and audits.

Each purchase of our merino wool includes a declaration that the yarn purchased has been obtained only from breeding farms that do not perform mulesing. The wool in our products is MULESING FREE.  

We believe that declarations made by external manufacturers are true and that animals that provide merino wool from which or products are made of do not suffer and are bread in proper conditions. 

Remember, while buying wool, make sure that the manufacturer has provided a declaration on it being mulesing free. 


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