About merino wool

Why are all our products made from 100% merino wool?

Because its wonderful qualities surpass all other materials known to us. There is no other fiber that would prove perfect in demanding environment and at the same time be so human skin friendly. But first things first.

What is this merino wool anyway? 

Merino wool is said to be one of the most valued types of sheep wool worldwide. Derived from merino sheep that are bred worldwide. These sheep inhabit mainly high mountains (experiencing large temperature amplitudes and harsh environment), thanks to which their wool has obtained such amazing qualities. 

Amazing qualities all year round

Merino wool fibers are three times thinner than human hair! Thanks to this they are highly permeable and sensitive to temperature changes. 

What does it mean in practice? What qualities does merino wool have?

    • it is a renewable resource – the wool grows and is cut on a regular basis, 
    • it is biodegradable – if you happen to lose our hat, at least you can be sure that you will not permanently pollute the environment (it will decompose 100%)
    • it is 100% natural, without any artificial additives, dyed in accordance with highest safety standards (our PHILOSOPHY and CERTIFICATES)

  • THERMOREGULATION – it is a good insulator – providing heat when it is cold, insulating when hot. Thermal insulation is accompanied by the ability to drain off humidity in the form of water vapour. Therefore, products made of wool are fit to be used all year round.

  • IT DOES NOT PICK UP STATIC – good retention of humidity inside woollen fibres prevents the attraction of electric charge, therefore our hair pick up static considerably less frequently than with synthetics. 

  • JUST LIKE SILK – it neither itches nor irritates the skin, and is said to be good for people with allergies. 

  • DURABILITY – IT DOES NOT PILL – it is durable and preserves its structure over the years. It practically does not pill. However, it needs to be taken care of properly – read about it  HERE. 
  • QUICK-DRYING – merino wool becomes dry at the same speed as synthetics of a comparable density.

  • UV PROTECTION – it absorbs UV radiation, at the same time providing protection against the sun.

  • HEALTHY FOR SCALP - breathable. Your scalp, hair and body will thank you for choosing merino wool products. 

  • it has ANTIBACTERIAL qualities, does not get soaked with smells even when used over a period of time. The reason behind this is both qualities of the wool absorbing humidity, and bacteria non-friendly environment. If you for instance sweat, all you need to do is air the wet hat.

Merino wool products are highly durable and can be used for years. They do not have to be washed as often as ones made from other materials (you save water while using them). The best way to care for your woollen accessories is… airing them :) 

How to care for woollen hats and other products? Learn more HERE.

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